Welcome to my little corner of the web. Although I keep some relatively long-term information and useful links here, I've been maintaining a blog for the last few years which I try to update relatively frequently. Well, I used to keep it updated. You can visit it at K2DBK's Ham Radio Blog on the web

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The DX Publicity Contacts Page

In July 2007, I visited the Cayman Islands and did a little operating while there as ZF2DK. For more information about that trip, please click here. Before I went on the trip, I wanted to get the word out to as many people as possible. As part of doing that, I gathered contact information for various DX mailing lists, newsletters, etc., and I'll be maintaining that list on this page. Please email me any additions or updates.

WSJT-X FT8 Fox/Hound QRG Files

For an overview of how to use these files, see the WSJT-X documentation.

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07 Mar 2020